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People who happen to be in Istanbul on a sabbatical or a month long vacation do not miss the chance of a beach day. The warm climate of Turkey invites flocks of Westerners to soak up the temperature and Vitamin D. But a day at a beach is less fun if you do not have […]


Escorts make the friendliest of companies, as far as the setting is the city of Istanbul, it is twice that truth. Escorts associated with the agencies in Istanbul love the socializing nature of their job. In fact, some of them moonlight as Istanbul escorts just because it opens up the possibility of meeting many new […]


The Internet has brought the world closer, brining everything within the reach of users, regardless of their physical location and time zone. In Istanbul, this is true for all locals, expats and tourists. While the cityscape is studded with escort agencies of all standards, the Internet unites them geographically into one computer screen. Those looking […]

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